Build an online writing habit in 30 days with community accountability.

Join a community of online writers in a 30-day writing challenge.

You've wanted to start writing forever.

You see other people writing online and think,
“How are they building an audience so quickly?”

The answer: they are shipping new content every single day.

And you can too.

Keep up with the February cohort!

Kickstart 2021: Finally build your online writing habit.

Building a writing habit is the most valuable thing you can do to improve your thinking and accelerate your trajectory.

Everything you do starts with writing. It's the foundation for anything you want to do.

And doing it consistently online is the highest leverage habit in human history.

Start writing consistently.

Maybe you've tried writing before. But, time and time again, you fall off. Something comes up. What starts off exciting becomes too difficult. Before you know it, you're back to square one.

But this is because there was no accountability. You tried to start writing on your own, almost doomed from the beginning.

Writing alone is hard.

Writing with a community is easy.

What Alumni Are Saying...

I have found Ship 30 for 30 to be a transformative experience. I truly mean that. And it’s such a wild thing. How simple yet how profound this simple act can be.

But I’m left more energized than ever before. More creative than ever before. More clear in thought than ever before.

For the first time ever, I feel excited to sit down for 45 minutes, completely uninterrupted, and doing nothing except for think and write.” - Alex Lieberman

“Ship 30 for 30 pushed me to develop a writing routine. This allowed me to focus on creating, rather than ‘just finding time to write’.

I think I've gotten better at writing over these last 30 days than I have in the last few years of taking writing seriously.

Highly recommend it for anyone looking to eliminate excuses and develop a highly-productive writing routine." - Stewart Hillhouse

"Ship 30 for 30's mission is unique in how actionable and involved it is.

There's no escaping the social accountability, nor should you want to.

The community is brilliant, motivating, and kind!

I've become so acclimatized to publishing content in front of the smart people in the group that publishing for strangers online will be a breeze!" - Vandan Jhaveri

Demolish the bad habits getting in the way of your best writing.

There are 3 killers of great writing.

Bad Habit #1: Overthinking

So many talented writers think success is about having the best ideas.

It’s not.

We have learned the best ideas come as a RESULT of producing a TON of ideas.

Which means not overthinking the process.

Bad Habit #2: Over-editing

Have you ever re-written and edited a piece of work for so long, you started to hate it?

This is one of the most common challenges among writers.

They spend so long on a piece of writing that by the time they “finish” it, they hate it—and then never end up publishing it as a result.

Bad Habit #3: Falling out of practice

As soon as you skip a day of writing, it becomes easier the next day to skip again.

Skip enough days in a row, and you’ll forget you ever had a daily writing habit in the first place.

Getting started (or started “again”) is the HARDEST part for writers.

Build a daily writing habit, a library of content, and an audience — all in 30 days.

We spoke with hundreds of online writers.

We learned exactly what separated the ones who grew from the ones who didn't.

We learned exactly what was getting in their way.

And then we designed a community challenge for writers that allowed them to overcome all those obstacles.

Stop overthinking, stop over-editing, and stop falling out of practice.

Instead, start shipping.

What Alumni Are Saying...

"I used to write once a week. Now I write daily.

It's snowballed into writing multiple times daily and jumping into projects I'd had on the backburner for ages." - Andrew Swiler

"Dickie’s Atomic Essays have taught me more about writing than any blog post or book has. Why? Because it’s restrictive. The 250-word limit forces you to wriggle a semblance of meaning through its white-knuckled grip.

Plus, a much-repeated aphorism is writing is thinking. I challenge this; publishing is thinking. Writing alone is the equivalent of daydreaming. Be like Dickie and publish. Go on, PUBLISH! That really is thinking." - Hector Alexander

"30 For 30 has helped me establish a daily writing habit.

Writing has been a slow and methodical process for me that lacked discipline.

30 for 30 has brought discipline into my writing process." - Michael McGill

How Ship 30 for 30 works

30 for 30

You will write 30 atomic essays (under 250 words) every day for 30 days with a community of 100+ writers.

Check out the best essays from the first cohort!

Community accountability

We pair you with a daily accountability partner who FORCE you to write every single day.

Plus, you have a community of 100+ other writers on the same challenge as you.

Endless resources for writing online

You'll unlock a compendium of resources for writing, editing, and growing online, teaching you the SKILLS to write consistently.

The hard work done for you

We take you through workshops for idea generation.

We give you templates for publishing.

And we teach you the ins and outs of distribution.

All you have to do is write.

Want a sneak peek?

Get the official Ship 30 for 30 daily writing template in Notion.

What else do I get?

  • Weekly office hours sessions with prolific online content creators

  • Techniques for growing quickly as an online writer

  • Access to a compendium of resources to accelerate your skill as a writer

  • Personalized Notion templates that make your writing effortless

  • Workshops for idea generation, design fundamentals, and how to build your online home.

  • Community editing and feedback sessions.

What's the time commitment?

Life is busy. We know you don't have time to write all day.

By writing short, atomic essays, you will spend no more than 60 minutes writing every day.

But this 60 minute habit of writing and publishing daily is the highest leverage habit in human history.

How much does this cost?

Enrollment in the March cohort is now open.

Pricing will evolve as follows:

• $199 until March 2nd
• $249 until March 15th

Don't wait. Commit to finally starting that writing habit you've wanted to start forever.

Start shipping.

You can rely on your old ways, starting and stopping writing online, telling yourself you'll start when the time is right.

Or, you can draw a line in the sand.

You can decide that 2021 is the year you will finally start writing online.

With it, you'll unlock the leverage of the internet, and form lifelong relationships with like-minded, smart, people.

Most importantly, you'll finally become a writer.

Just want the basics? Take the Ship 30 for 30 self-paced version on your own terms.

We get it. Not everyone has the time to participate in a live cohort-based community.

To solve this problem, we packaged up all of the Ship 30 for 30 assets into a self-paced version.

• A self-paced course on setting up your writing workflow, building your writing habit, generating ideas, and editing your essays
• 30-day email course coaching you through your writing journey
• Notion + Figma templates to do your daily writing
• Access to all Office Hours recordings with prolific online writers

You’ll get access to everything that Ship 30 for 30 members get access to, except the cohort-based community.

This is perfect for people who like to operate on their own terms.

You can purchase all of the Ship 30 for 30 self-paced version for $99 below.

Want to start learning today?

Get the official Ship 30 for 30 list of the best online writing resources.